Friday, July 13, 2007

Nancy Drew was the perfect summer matinee for my daughter and I to see. I grew up reading Nancy Drew and loved the series. I can't convince my daughter to read them. I had bought her a small set of Trixie Belden sleuth books and she likes them better. Now I have to search Ebay high and low for the ones that she still needs. Both series are very fun for girls to read.


AnastasiaC said...

i loved Nancy Drew as a girl too!! its nice to see remakes like this!

cari said...

I never got into Nancy either, but was a huge Trixie fan! "GLEEPS!" Maddy isn't interested in the Nancy books at all but wants to see the movie...maybe that will trip her desire for more Nancy, course, it won't be the uber-cool 2007 writing style, will it? Did Nancy use the word, "like" seven times in each sentence?