Monday, March 24, 2008

I hope that you all had a wonderful Easter. We certainly did. We celebrated both at home, at church and with family. Here's Taylor and our darling niece Laren at Grandma and Grandpa's house.
The kids found eggs and toys in our backyard. They will never out grow that - hopefully!
The Easter Bunny tries to match some of the prizes to their ages. Do you spy the I-Tunes card?
We colored eggs.
Played Bunny Jenga.
Bunny Tic Tac Toe
Bunny Connect Four
Bunny Bowling

And had a ball on Spring Break. They go back to school tomorrow and I will be one sad Mama. I'm hoping to get a call to sub.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

I've been working on this bunny shadowbox for a few weeks. I'm not quite finished. My Mother had given me most of these tiny bunnies years ago when I had a printer's drawer. I have a few more ideas but I thought I would post it before Easter is over. I've been collecting shadowboxes for a few years. I'm up to six now. I want to do a girly one for my daughter's room, a sport's one for my son and one with a dance theme to include my daughter's first ballet slipper. I also have been working on my glass jars.
My father-in-law wired the light for me in my canning jar. I have it on almost every day and change it for each holiday.
My collection of jars is growing. Soon it will be time to fill them with white sand from Cancun and North Carolina once again and decorate them with seashells and sand dollars.

Friday, March 21, 2008

The table is set and ready for Easter. I've been enjoying my pink tree again in my shabby urn with spring ornaments.
I love setting my table seasonly. I was thrilled to find my new pink and blue bunny plates this year.
The breakfast bar is set too. Seems a certain bunny is waiting for his dinner. It will be awhile. We are busy watching The Wizard of Oz.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I'm so proud of my daughter. She donated her hair, for the second time, to the Locks of Love Foundation. It's shorter than she had hoped but I love this sophisticated new look. I took her to the very happening Dolce Salon. I'm loving these flocked damask wallpaper walls. It was the perfect background for our before and after shots.
One of my favorite spots in the salon was this pink and black custom makeup center with the beautiful pink chandeleir. The makeup artist created the perfect pink lipgloss for me. Guess what? It's not sticky. I despice sticky lipgloss. I'll definitely be going back.

Monday, March 17, 2008

We went to the Titanic exhibit at the Arizona Science Center over the weekend. I highly recommend it. As we entered the exhibit, we were each given a boarding pass. On the back of the pass, the passenger ticket information was provided including the name, age and hometown of the passenger, as well as where they were traveling to and the reason. At the end of the exhibit, you would learn if your passenger survived or not. We also went to the IMAX film "Titancia" which was so interesting. The film gives you an insight of the dangers the explorers went through to locate and rescue these artifacts. I'm happy that we did not miss this exhibit. However, I was really disappointed in the price of admission. Not only do you pay admission fees, but an additional fee for the exhibit, $5 per person for the headset and the IMAX fees for the film. For a family, it is a very expensive event. I had to race home and watch Kate and Leonardo in "The Titanic" once again. I now want to read about the backgrounds of more of the passengers. My kids look so small in this photo!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Is this Africa? No - it's Chandler! I had heard about an animal psychologist that lived near us that often had exotic animals on her ranch. My friend's daughter recently went to see the animals and reminded me. We decided to drive by yesterday and out of the corner of my eye, I spotted a camel. We decided to explore and check it out today. We saw 2 camels, 2 zebras, 2 giraffes, a few donkies and several Clydesdales. At first I thought there was a Noah's Ark theme going on.

The caretaker drove over in his golf cart and told us that it was okay to look visit the animals from the road, but not to get close to them at the fence. He warned us that zebras were mean. Then he mentioned that the giraffes love peppermint alfalfa treats. That's all I needed to hear. I sweet-talked him into getting us some treats to feed them. Poor guy. One minute, he was politely asking us to observe from afar and the next he's getting back in his golf cart bringing us some treats.
This is Bonnie. Her friend is Clyde. I can't believe this is five minutes away from my house. We live in a rural section of town. I love living in rural areas, yet close to cities. Bye Bonnie. See you next time!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Bunny Love is what I'm calling her. I'm having fun with Teresa's very impressive Bellatoria zine. One of our projects was creating a fun crown. She is adorned with one of Chloe's outgrown puppy necklaces that I added a crown charm to. Teresa had the perfect cherub garden statuary piece. I borrowed bunny from our garden. She's been out there for several years. I'm sure she is enjoying her new view and her courtly status.

Friday, March 07, 2008

Fairycakes is the name of this darling new cupcakery that I took my daughter to yesterday. Cute doesn't even begin to describe this darling establishment. I immediately recognized some pieces by Jenny Holiday on the wall. I asked the owners about them and sure enough they had ordered several pieces on ebay before the store opened. My daughter had a rare half day yesterday and we try to take advantage of every girl time opportunity we can grab.
It makes me want to redecorate my kitchen. Something tells me my husband wouldn't go for pink. He gets enough pink just being around Taylor and I.We each only ordered one of these delicious vanilla cupcakes. What were we thinking?