Sunday, July 15, 2012

Cole's Graduation and Party What an exciting time for all of us, especially Cole. We are so proud of him. My friend, Laurie, gave me some great advice. I am very emotional so I really appreciated this advice. She told me not to be sad but to really enjoy all of the festivities. It worked!! I loved every minute of his graduation and had a blast at his party. Cole graduated with honors. He was 11th in his class of around 500. He wore a National Honor's Society Stole, 5 Honor cords and 2 Tassels.
With his proud little sister.
With Grandma and Grandpa.
His best friend since 5th grade.
One of our projects was to tear down the kid's playhouse that their grandfather built for them. I wanted a keepsake from the wood, so we made a sign for our "candy bar" out of the wood.
I made cookies with my William's Sonoma "Message In a Cookie" set.
I cooked pork for pulled pork for four weekends. Friends and family brought salads and desserts and my dear friends, Carmen and Tina helped in the kitchen. Wish they wouldn't have work so hard, but things sure went smoothly.
We had over 75 guests including my Aunt Betty and cousins and their spouses, my Bunco friends, Mark's family, Cole's friends and our good friends and neighbors.
At the end of the night, my husband and I presented Cole with his graduation gift. Needless to say, he was one happy guy.