Saturday, June 27, 2009

I love the Fourth of July. I get that apple pie, baseball, patriotic feel good feeling. However . . . I try not to be in Arizona over the 4th. It's just not fun watching fireworks when it's 100+ at night. I miss sparklers! You can't buy any fireworks in the state of Arizona. Too many fires with our hot summers. So I try to create my own little spark of patriotism around our home.
I "borrowed" the red and blue stars from Cole's room. We decorated his bedroom around the armoire that I bought when we moved into this house.
I'm using an older photo. He no longer plays with those toys. Big sigh. He's a big high schooler now.

I made the mistake of filling the small jar with the blue jelly bellies before I had the licorice for the larger jar. Can you guess what happened?? I even threatened. I guess they're not scared of me. I need to toughen up.

I saved my Mountain Dew bottles from last year. Didn't see them this year.

I would like to take credit for the brilliant idea of using red, white and blue poker chips in my vase. I found the idea in my favorite seasonal home decor book "Celebrating Home".

I was thrilled that my lighted house that I found last year in a Scottsdale thrift store still works.


Short and Sweet said...

LOVE it all.

Maija said...

Very pretty! We are getting out of Phoenix for the 4th, but we are going to Palm Springs where it is still really hot- but we will be at a resort.

Taiya said...

Very sweet! Love all of your patriotic goodies!

Sandy Michelle said...

What pretty decor you have! We celebrate Canada Day on July the 1st!

Sandy xoxo

Saucy said...

I have a feeling, dear friend, your threats would fall upon deaf ears. You might want to hit the candy store.

Your Fourth of July decor is adorable! *confession* Even though I'm Canadian, I put up Fourth stuff too, right after the Canada Day celebrations on the First! Sometimes I combine the two flags... we're friends like that, right?

Jenn @ youknow... that blog? said...

Have a wonderful 4th - nice that it falls on a weekend this time around! Our Canada Day is today, so we're setting up out family festivus shortly.

If you have time, stop by "my place" and take part in my first ever "Silly Haiku Wednesday"! Can't wait to see what you come up with!