Tuesday, June 16, 2009

It's the little things. I love the attention to details. It seems surprising that I'm like that because I don't have an anal retentive bone in my body. With my husband's permission, I turned our butler's pantry, which previously had a bar theme (wine bottles, etc.) into my baking area. During the holidays, we use it for entertaining. We have a little arched area in between the kitchen and dining room with a butler's pantry to the left and our walk-in pantry to the right. I've said this before, "I love our kitchen." It's the best part of our home. I walked by the butler's pantry and noticed out of the corner of my eye, Taylor's beloved Strawberry Crush bottles. I thought it was so funny that she displayed them there. They won't last long! They are a rare treat, too much sugar.
Our 4-shelf tall cupboards previously held wine and bar glasses. Now they house my baking supplies.

I found the darling candy-cane measuring cups at Hallmark a few Christmas's ago. Both the pink measuring cups and the cookie jar with the pink lid are from Pottery Barn Kids.

I keep my cupcake liners in the cookie jar.

Glass jars are wonderful for storage. I found the other glass cookie jar with the red knob at a thrift store for $.50. It's great for storing cookie cutters.

I found the cutest little cake pedestal at Blissful Saturday. I told Tricia that I was going to buy one after class. In the middle of teaching us, she said "Cindy, that lady just bought the last two cake pedestals." Lucky for me, she knew where there was one more in the back.


Katie said...

So cute! I love the pinks and reds!

Maija said...

I love it as your "baker's" pantry!