Saturday, June 13, 2009

I found a fabulous garage sale today in one of our nearby neighborhoods. I haven't been able to go out garage sailing in months. This family previously owned a home decor store in Denver, had just moved to the Phoenix area, and was selling the remains from their liquidation sale. I could have gone crazy. I restrained since our trip to Hawaii is coming up. They are expecting another truck and will be having another sale in a few weeks. Can't wait. Tricia called me a few days ago encouraging me to take her upcoming beeswax canvas class at Blissful. I have been wanting to take it forever. She is such a great instructor. There were just 3 of us in her class today, allowing her to give us her undivided attention. I'm sure I'll be making several more canvases as soon as I buy the beeswax, a few stamps, canvases and a mini quilting iron.
I loved learning this new technique. I really want to make her bunny canvas. She also shared the technique for using photos. Fun class.
On the way to Blissful, I stopped at my favorite thrift store. I found a set of four vintage "Marie" pictures. I gave two to Miss Tricia.

I couldn't believe my luck in finding this adorable tiny vintage cameo pendant. I know the image is blurry, but I wanted you to see the price tag. $2.00!!!

I stopped in at the produce market in Mesa where we used to shop with Mark's grandmother years ago when we would have family dinners in her home. I found these tiny, little red potatoes and decided to serve shish kabob for dinner. I also made a special trip to this little cornfield where they sell corn on the cob during the month of June. I had planned to grill chicken, red potatoes, yellow pepper and zucchini. Well, my family loved the idea, but wanted to expand on my menu. They went to the store and bought beef, shrimp, onions, asparagus, mushrooms and more peppers. I used my new grill pan to cook the asparagus on the grill and marinated the rest of the vegetables with olive oil. We dined on a feast. It's amazing what a little olive oil and cooking on the grill makes food taste so much better.


Short and Sweet said...

Oh, Cindy, everything looks great and your dinner sounds delicious. Thanks for telling me about the sale. Let's get together soon.

Scrappy Jessi said...

hey sweets,

eekk love your new bag!!!
ok i updated my blog.
just click on the link and it will show you our cruise.

Dianne Wood said...

Hey, I have that same teapot lamp, only with a differednt shade. And I WANT those cute pink measuring CUPS...I'm gonna come steal them while you are sleeping..LOL

And I might take the Coach bag too. It's BEAUTIFUL...LOVE IT.

Love your new kitchen island. Where'd you get that cute towel...:)