Wednesday, June 17, 2009

We bought our tickets today for "WICKED". I'm so excited. It is always so much easier to get tickets when it's a return performance. My bunco group tried to get tickets when it was here last year, but they sold out immediately. This time my husband and I are having a romantic date night.

The streets of ASU are flying their Wicked flags. I can't help but here "I'll Get You My Pretty." I know that it's a take off from the Wizard of Oz and that's all I know and I'm purposely not reading up on it so that I will be surprised. We went down to buy our tickets in person. Our seats are in the 11th row. We like to sit in the orchestra section. Can't wait!


Saucy said...

You will LURRVE it! I have (luckily) seen it twice. Veto got tickets for Loopy and I and a girlfriend to see it in Chicago in the summer of '06. We sat in very good seats and Loopy just fell in love with it.

I saw it with Veto and our cousins again in Chicago at Christmas '07. We sat in the balcony and I thought it wouldn't be as good from that view but it was still wonderful, you see and appreciate completely different aspects of it from that angle. You will have so much fun, I can't even tell you.

We've read the book it was based on and Loopy has a copy of "The Grimmerie", it's very cool. Check it out at Borders.

Stephanie O. said...

Oh, you will just adore Wicked. I took my children to see it a couple of weeks ago and we loved every minute of it. Now we listen to the soundtrack everytime we get in the car. The song Popular is a hoot!

bekimarie said...

I have had a very enjoyable read, just 2006 to go. What a lovely blog you have, so down to earth!
I have to say that a photo of your daughter (July 11 2007) scarily reminds me of my daughter.
Look forward to reading more.
Take care
Beki xxx

Sandy Michelle said...

Hey girl! I heard it's great so you guys are going to have a wonderful time :) Don't know if I'll be in your neighbourhood again- any time soon. HOWEVER, my man said in a few years we could possibly get a vacation home there!!


Katie said...

You will love it! It is amazing!!!