Thursday, July 02, 2009

I'm spending every spare second getting ready for Hawaii!! Let's just say that we are stimulating the economy. Wanna see my dress for the Luai?

Taylor wanted to buy these Betsy Johnson earrings for my birthday. Instead I told her that I would buy them if she would take a hula lesson in Hawaii for me instead. I'm hoping we can find one.

This vintage necklace was my Mother's. She wore it when she was in her twenty's and gave it to me to wear when I was in my twenties. I own and cherish several pieces of her vintage rhinestone jewelry. I wore them when Mark and I used to have fancy, dancy parties to go to when we were newly married and he was the Head Pro at the very exclusive Camelback Country Club. On my list tonight is to rework a necklace to wear with my new dress using a few of the pieces from her necklace. I'm going to make a bracelet as well.
I needed a second nice dress for my birthday dinner. We are celebrating my birthday in Maui at the Hula Grill. My birthday was actually five weeks ago, but we were still in school.
Accessories are everything! Carmen has been helping me get ready. She gave me this darling tote for Christmas to take on our trip and this fun tropical beach bag for my birthday.

I'm taking this straw handbag with tropical flowers. I really get into theme dressing.

I hope you have a great week. Until then, ALOHA!


Short and Sweet said...

Cindy, have a wonderful time on your trip to Hawaii. I just love those earrings and your dresses are so cute. I'm sure that you will be very coordinated the entire time you are on vacation. Take loads of pictures to share with us.

Sue M said...

Enjoy your celebrating in Hawaii. I can't wait to here the stories.

Saucy said...

I especially like the vintage necklace and that it belonged to your mom. Hula lessons should be pretty easy to find, I would think! Have fun and make sure to take lots of photos to post when you get back! Safe travels,


Sandy Michelle said...

That's going to be the best belated birthday celebration ever! I love the necklace your mom gave you and the purses are fabulous!My sis lived in Oahu and told me my name in Hawaiian is Kanella- which in Italian it means cinnamon..LOL! Have fun!!!

Sandy xox

Maija said...

OMG! I'm so behind on blog reading!!! Are you gone and back yet??

Jill said...

hawaii!!!! you lucky duck!