Saturday, June 28, 2008

We went to the ever so fun Scottsdale Fashion Square a few days ago. I couldn't resist taking a photo of this gorgeous window outside of Tiffany. You can see by my reflection that I've had some retail therapy lugging my Crate and Barrel and Anthropologie bags around. Check out the girl watching me. She must not have a blog or she would understand how I couldn't pass up this opportunity. We even browsed around inside passing by the armed guards at the closed doors. A girl can dream!
Stepping into Anthropologie is like entering into a magical world. I'm like a kid in a candy store, carefully deciding on a limited few purchases. I've been eyeing their kitchen towels online thanks to my friend Dianne. That woman makes me want to shop. I take that back. I want to live in her house! I decided that the rooster one would work best in my Country French kitchen. The rick rack bordered cupcake one took a close second place.

Notice the black and white theme? I picked these up at three different stops. The kitchen towel from Crate and Barrel, the monogrammed cup from Anthropologie and the monogrammed glass was on clearance at Urban Outfitters. Fun accessories there! I love their graphics. Their dress forms were black and white toile.
I had a difficult time limiting my jewelry selection there as well. I finally decided on these regal crest/crown earrings to add to my collection.
I love this little door. I would like to faux paint panels on our playhouse door.
"Mom, Can I run down there and look through the fountain?" Sure, why not?
One last stop on our list before the long drive home. A visit to the famed "Sprinkles" of Beverly Hills. Yum! Worth every cent. Their cupcakes were delicious.


Sandy said...

Wish I could have hit those fabulous stores with you girl!


The Desperate Diva said...

Hi Beverly,
Wish I could have joined you on your shopping trip. And two of my FAVORITE STORES.....!!!!

I'm excited that you found the fun chick towel. I LOVE mine....:)

Have FUN putting it all out in the Perfect Spot...!!!

Hugs to you,

kim hesson said...

looks like you had a fun tiem and got some fun purchases!
funny how we notice others giving us that odd look when we pull out the camera!

Maija said...

I have the same anthro mug with the initial M on it! I use it for my afternoon cup of coffee around 3pm every day!
You scored some great stuff, and I do understand the photo taking!! oxox