Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Blue is the "Shade of Inspiration" for this week. I painted this laundry room sign in shades of robin egg blue mixed with brown umber.
I inherited my paternal Grandmother's Blue Willow china. I brought a few home, carefully wrapped in bubble wrap, on the airplane everytime I went home to Iowa years ago. I'm so thankful that they arrived safely. Her set of matching glasses are still waiting for me in her original china hutch in Iowa. She used these each and everytime we dined at her home. She cooked the most delicious homemade German noodles. She served them over mashed potoatoes with her Sunday dinners. Imagine the carbs!
These fun Mountain Dew bottles caught my eye this week at Walmart. Had to grab a few for my Fourth of July festive decor.

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Paul Sears Photography said...

Where in Iowa? I grew up in Cedar Rapids and have family in Des Moines and a few of the very small towns in the area. I haven't been back since February, but going again around Christmas. Sad to hear about all the trouble they've had back home this spring...