Thursday, June 12, 2008

Green Acres is the place to be. Our corn is growing. We are so proud. We planted it from seed in March. There are seven ears of corn on them.
I hope they are edible. See those tassels on the top? When I was a teenager growing up in Iowa, my girlfriends and I would get on a crew, ride through the fields on a large tractor with baskets for us to stand in and detassel corn. We would work from 5-10 am in our cutoffs and bikini tops and earn spending money for our beloved designer bluejeans. We got great tans too! I pulled one of the tassels the other day just for kicks. I wonder if corn is still detasseled? I'm playing around with Sara's "Shade's of Inspiration."
I'm seeing green, but it's a little difficult. I'm not much of a green person in terms of decorating. A greener earth - definitely. I had to turn to the great outdoors for most of my green. This is my favorite of our five palm trees in our backyard.
Our ruby-red grapefruit tree got confused this year. We had such a cold winter that it didn't produce any fruit during the spring. However, it's loaded now. I don't know if they will be ready in the fall or wait until it's normal spring routine.

My next door neighbor moved a week ago (boo hoo)and gave me her ficus tree.
I just transplanted it into my "green" mosaic rooster.
I hope it likes its new home in our breakfast room. They are a little tricky.

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ToyFoxy2 said...

hey! just wanted to comment on the corn! they do still detassle! at least in Illinois they do anyway. my brother also used to do that when we'd go back in the summertime to visit gma. anyway, just thought i'd chime in! how are you all doing?