Friday, January 26, 2007

Sharing Some L-O-V-E. Have you checked out the dollar section at Target lately? These wonderful, pink, glittered garlands are only a dollar. They also have these, begging to be altered, magnetic stands complete with the red glittered heart magnets. Gotta love Target.


Rosa said...

I try and avoid that store. I always walk out with more than I went in for! Love that love garland though. Uh oh! My color in the bedroom is Sherwin-Williams' Creme No. 7556. It is quite lovely in person, really. xo

AnastasiaC said...

Ohhh lovely!!! I love Target too but we dont sell gorgeous banners like that!

Anonymous said...

Oh how funny, I picked up a couple of those cute banners at Tar-jay too! My dress form is wearing one of them and I'm debating if I should keep the second one or give it away. I'm greedy you know.

Just found your blog on ArtTeaLife so I thought I'd come peek :)