Sunday, May 13, 2007

My Mother's Day gift from my son. Now I know that some of you are wondering why I received a $2 bill for Mother's Day and I couldn't be more proud to tell you the story behind it. My son is in 7th grade. After finding out at the beginning of the year that the school lunch is almost $3 a day, I told him that he could buy 3 days a week and bring his lunch 2 days. He came home a few days after school started and said that he and several of his friends had gotten jobs as runners in the cafeteria. They check in, put on gloves and bring trays out to the employees for about 15 minutes and then they receive a ticket for lunch and a poweraid. After asking him if only the 7th graders do this, he said that it was mostly 8th graders. After all - I didn't want him to be teased. Whew! I'm so proud of him. I informed my family that under no circumstances were they to buy me Mother's Day or birthday gifts this year. Hospital bills are lurking. Well last week while Cole was working, he spotted someone paying for their lunch with a $2 bill and asked one of the employees if he could trade two one-dollar bills for it. He knows that I collect rare coins and bills and traded it for me. What a gem! My husband took the kids to pick out cards for me. Our Taylor takes forever trying to pick out the perfect card. Boy does she get it. Hers brought tears to my eyes. They served me breakfast in bed on a tray, complete with a rose from our garden in a vase. What a perfect morning.


Tucsontwin said...

That is soooo sweet! Sounds like we had a similar morning. I was served breakfast in bed, was also given a freshly cut rose, and Karly gave me a necklace she made (not to mention....sacraficing her favorite pink and green beads I must add) it also has a tiara charm in the middle that says "queen". At the bottom of the box, were four quarters. She goes...well...your always spending your money on I wanted you to have some of it back. Austin makde a sweet hand painted flower pot with a flower in it. Glad you had an awesome Mothers Day! Keep up the great bloggin'! ~C~

FrenchGardenHouse said...

What a perfect gift! Sounds like you are a very good Mom ~ and you have great kids!!

I love the $2. bill...cherish it.

teresa said...

What a great story!! My Mother in Law always gives our kids a $2 bill in their Valentines! Isn't that cool, too?

AnastasiaC said...

how sweet!!!
so why is the 2dollar bill rare? sorry, but being an aussie I dont know why....but what a thoughtful little boy you have!