Thursday, May 24, 2007

13 years ago, I was given the greatest birthday gift of my life. After experiencing seven incredibly long years of infertility, we were blessed with a baby boy. My due date was actually a week earlier, but he decided to arrive one day before my birthday. When our ultrasound results showed a boy, I thought "Dear Lord, what are you thinking? I'm a girl's girl, a girly girl through and through. Not one ounce of tomboy in me. What do I know about raising a boy? I'm from a family of girls." Well He knows, He always does. He gave me a boy not only to nuture, raise and love, but to help take care of me. This child of mine can fix anything, put furniture together and figure out anything technical. He's amazing and what a great kid. Happy Birthday Cole! We started off with the traditional birthday pancake breakfast with 13 quarters surrounding his plate. As the morning went on, he found 13 pennies with his toiletries and 13 dimes on top of his wallet. I brought him and several lucky friends a couple of pizzas, wings and sodas for lunch and when he arrived home, he found this 13-dollar banner in his room and 13 gold dollars on his bed. We are off to Taylor's piano recital and then out for a birthday dinner celebration.


teresa said...

Oh yeas the perfect banner for a thirteen year old!! Useful, too! I am sure he loved it and will request one every year!! Gotta love it when your world and their worlds collide so nicely!! I'll definitely need to use your idea for my kiddos!

AnastasiaC said...

Happy Birthday sweet Cindy!!!
so is it Taylor's birthday too!?
Hope you both had a wonderful day!
Wow 7yrs of trying - it took my close to a year of trying with my eldest and I was at breaking are so strong!

Jana said...

What fun ideas and more fun that we have boys so close in age!!