Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day! This is always a difficult day for me to get through. I lost my wonderful Mother 7 years ago after a long battle with cancer. I try to stay positive in my memories of her and not be saddened when I think of her. It's taken years to come this far. I don't know anyone that was as positive as she was. I know one thing - she would want us to be happy and to be following her example of staying positive in every situation. If any of you have lost your dear Mother, remember that. I was so lucky to have such a wonderful role model and to have someone that believed in me and complimented me so often. I see her face in my children and am reminded what a lucky mother and daughter that I am.


Tucsontwin said...

My husbands mother lost her battle with cancer in March. He wrote a beautiful poem about her and how she passed down a legacy of love. I'm sure it's gonna be a tough day but with our family around us we can still celebrate and honor us as moms, and our own moms who are either here psysically or spiritually. Have a very special Mothers Day! ~C~

FrenchGardenHouse said...

What a sweet post. I am sorry that you no longer have your Mom here, but I know she will forever be in your sweet memories.


AnastasiaC said...

How very hard for you Cindy...I couldnt imagine losing my mum.

Im sure your mother is always around you in spirit beaming down on you with love and you said she'd always want you to be happy, a positive attitude!