Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Sensible Chic.
You know, the HGTV show where the client finds an "inspiration room" that she wants the designer to decorate her room around. Well the black and ivory room is my inspiration room for color, fabrics and style. I want to redecorate my living room and am tossing the black and ivory color idea around. The other photo is my sofa that I designed for our family room. I went to every home decor and upolstery shop in the greater Phoenix area, gathered samples and found a company to build it for me. I love the style but want to change colors for our living room. Please think of me and send me photos of any "inspiration rooms" that you have seen.


Lauren said...

That inspiration room is so pretty. Love it! The rug is to die for.
You'll have so much fun picking fabrics for the couch.

Anonymous said...

Wow that is a cool room -would have never picked it for a babys room bUT i think it will look great in your front room :)Carmen

teresa said...

oh you KNOW I'm all over the black and white!!! Wow....this will be fun to watch! good luck~~~ :)

Andrea said...

I really like the inspiration room - I love that color palette.

Are you planning on redoing the couch? (after all that work?!) If you are I would either make a slip cover or have one made in the tones you want - that way if you want to revert back you can.

Your home looks very inviting. :o)

AnastasiaC said...

your home looks really warm and cosy - I love the colour scheme!!