Tuesday, August 22, 2006

The Lake House
My husband and I have dubbed Mondays as "Movie Mondays". He started working Saturdays for awhile and plans to take Sundays and Mondays off. We had big plans to sneak out to a movie every Monday while the kids were in school. Due to time restraints we haven't been able to fit in a movie before it's time to pick up the kids from school . . . . until yesterday. We saw The Lake House starring Sandra Bullock. I thought it was the best movie that I had seen in years. Especially if you are a romantic like me. Because it took us a few weeks to be able to fit it in to our schedules, it had already moved to the discount theatre. I would highly recommend that you see this big screen if you can. It was a great "date" movie.

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AnastasiaC said...

what a great idea to have a movie Monday date with your hubby!
I love Sandra Bullock!! and keanu Reeves say no more!!