Sunday, August 06, 2006

A Chance of a Lifetime. My son cannot hold on to his money. I've been working hard on this issue and try to train him to be a good saver and investor. All I can say is it's a good thing I stayed home. My husband took Cole to a Diamondback's baseball game. They were having a two-week promotion that involved raffle tickets. Cole had $5 in his pocket and my husband allowed him to spend it on 3 raffle tickets. What were the odds of him winning anything when the raffle tickets were pulled from two weeks worth of home games. Much to their surprise Cole won a yo-yo with one and a SIGNED DIAMONDBACK'S JERSEY with another. After the game, everyone who had won a jersey went out on the field, put the jersey on and the player signed their back. How cool is that for him. Luckily my husband had his camera phone. Sorry the images aren't any better, but I wanted to share his good fortune. What a memory.


Anonymous said...

WOW how cool is that!!! congrats Cole - That is awesome :) Carmen

teresa said...

oh wow!!! He's a lucky! I am sure he was just in heaven!!