Friday, July 31, 2009

We went to the beach 7 out of the 8 days we were here. We rented snorkel equipment, boogie boards and a surf board for the week. Mark was so excited to teach our kids to surf. I'm happy to say that they both got up!

They all three were in the water alot more than I was. They are stronger swimmers than I am. They would keep dragging me back out though. It gave me plenty of time for beachcombing, my favorite pastime. I happened to meet a very nice (handsome) guy on one of my strolls that asked me if I was having much luck finding shells. I said no and that I was really hoping to find an area where we could see sea turtles. He told me that he had lived on Maui since he was 8 and that he was going to tell me where his secret sea turtle spot was. I couldn't believe my luck. As soon as my family came in, we drove to the beach, swam out and saw 5 very large sea turtles. It was difficult to even stay away from them. They wanted to swim with us. They are endangered and you are not allowed to touch them. We were so excited. Mark and Taylor even saw an octopus. We all got to see the turtles and several tropical fish. I need to get the underwater camera film developed. Can't wait to go back!

The turtles were swimming around these lava rocks.


Saucy said...

Happy Belated Birthday, friend. Glad you had a wonderful trip. Your photos are to die for!

Sandy Michelle said...

WOW, you must have been in awe whe you saw the sea turtles! Great pix of the beach!

Sandy x0xo

Vicki C said...

Wooooo ... totally FUN photos girl!