Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Maui - Day 1
We arrived in the evening on July 3rd. We were up and ready to leave by 7 am. Those 3 hour time changes kill me. After walking across the street (gotta love that) to the beach exploring tide pools, we began our day at the Maui Swap Meet. A friend of mine is married to a native Hawaiian and she informed me that I "had" to do my big shopping there. We wouldn't have chosen that for our first activity of our first day there, but as luck would have it, the swap meet is only open on Saturdays. We were not disappointed. The flower vendors were fabulous.
The jewelers booths were amazing. My personal favorite! My husband bought me a beautiful Hawaiian Heirloom bangle bracelet. Cole bought Taylor a sterling flip flop necklace and matching earrings which totally stunned me. That's my boy!

When you are in Hawaii, everything seems to be in technicolor. There was a framed print of this flower in our resort suite. It was one of the many that we saw growing at The Tropical Plantation in Maui.
The Tropical Gardens were filled with incredibly lush flowers.

Wish I could grow this blue one in Arizona. Not a chance!

We had a picnic lunch in this charming gazebo.
We moved on to Kaanapali Beach, changed and spent the afternoon at The Hyatt.

I have a tradition of only having a Pina Colada when I'm at a tropical location. We were entertained by a patriotic parasailer.

To end our evening, we celebrated the 4th at an oceanside table at Bubba Gumps, watching the fireworks over the water.


Sandy Michelle said...

Doesn't Hawaii actually smell like plumerias??? Those pix are lovely! I'm green with envy ;)

Sand xox

Michelle M White said...

Your trip looks wonderful! I miss you "twin"!!!

Michelle M White said...

Your trip looks wonderful! I miss you "twin"!!!

Saucy said...

That looks like a perfect day... I love pina coladas, but I agree, save them for the actual tropcial locale. They don't have the same feeling at home.

Bubba Gumps is such a fun place for a family! Did they have a wall of Dr. Pepper??