Friday, August 14, 2009

It's all Tricia's fault. I wanted to go to Art Unraveled, but I "NEEDED" to stay home and get caught up around the house. She and I were going to hook up so that I could buy some of her awesome junque that she finds on her fun trips. Didn't happen. We were both too busy. So instead, I "HAD" to go to Art Unraveled. I woke my daughter up and "MADE" her go with me. After we exited the 101, we realized that we were passing Scottsdale Road and that Sprinkles was nearby. We went to Art Unraveled all right, but that was just one of our many stops and we didn't get home until 8:30 pm. We "NEEDED" a day like that. Our lives are so busy around here. I'm always shocked when I have time to reflect at how little down time we have.
I have two favorite booths, Tricia's and Hannah Dry Goods. This year, Beth Quinn had a booth! Here are a few of my goodies from Tricia.

She had a sample made for us to show us what she did with this charm.

Cool charms

Vintage "T" game piece
Cute little labels

A few cuties from Hannah's, where darling Maija, was helping out.
I fell for this birdcage.

Look how tiny it is.

My first "Charlotte" dollhead

More charms

Replacement earrings from darling Beth. I bought myself the same pair at Blissfest, but then gave them to my mother-in-law for Mother's Day.
After leaving Art Unraveled, we spotted an Islands Restaurant, our favorite lunch spot. Had to stop there. Then we worked our way over to Sprinkles.
I see myself in the window!
Yummy cupcakes!

I had a black and white, Tay had a strawberry. Did I say "Yum"?
Now, just as I was pulling out of Sprinkles, I noticed that Anthropologie was right across the street at Scottsdale Fashion Square. Of course we went. Of course, I found another dish towel that I couldn't pass up.

I have a thing about monograms. Found these cutie-pie file folders.

Guess what we spotted when we left Anthropologie?? Crate and Barrel. From there Taylor spotted Tiffany directly across the mall. Then Juicy was two doors down.
We finally left Fashion Square. Guess what you see when you leave Fashion Square?
Scottsdale Waterfront shopping center. We had to stop at Urban Outfitters. Found an awesome compass necklace for me.
Only two more stops after that. Ever have one of those days???


Tricia Samsal said...

You girls had a DAY! I guess it was my fault, sorry, not really! hee hee. It's always good to have a girls day with your daughter. SO happy to see you there.
Hugs, Tricia

Sandy Michelle said...

Wish I were there! Sounds so fun and I love all your purchases!

Sandy xox

Saucy said...

One of my favourite places to spend the day... Fashion Square. When did Sprinkles go in there?

You did score some great stuff... totally jealous, as if the cupcakes hadn't already

Saucy said...

Okay, still jealous about the cupcakes.

You can register for the charm party swap by visiting my blog and following the links to my Esty, where I put it up as a kit.

I hope I did it right!


Mary said...

Oh my goodness! It was SO worth the wait! Love all of these pics, especially your earrings! I got some earrings from ....they too have great designs at affordable price...