Sunday, May 31, 2009

We went to Disneyland and California Adventure last weekend to celebrate my son's birthday. Mine just happens to be the day after his. Disneyland is offering free admission in 2009 on your actual birthday. Since ours are a day apart, we went for two days. They give you a button to wear that says "Happy Birthday" and your name. All day, complete strangers call out our name and say Happy Birthday. You can't help but be in a wonderful mood all day.

I wonder what Walt would say about today's Disneyland. It is still the happiest place on earth. No matter how many times we visit, I still find little details that I've never noticed before.
I don't know how we've missed this candy store. Are those the cutest carmel apples or what? We bought a Pooh rice krispie treat.

Disney has been advertising their "Dream Suite". We were racing around a corner and I spotted it.

It's official. My children are now both taller than me and I could barely keep up with them. As a mother, I can't tell you how strange that feels. We visited on Memorial Day weekend and I was afraid that the crowds would be unbearable, but we were pleasantly surprised. We raced through Disney and California Adventure riding 15 rides the first day and 10 the second.

We laugh through the entire ride on Big Thunder Mountain.
I never tire of Small World.

We loved the new Toy Story attraction at California Adventure.
There must be a camera near Toy Story's Mr. Potato head. As I was taking the picture, he said "Hey that lady's so famous her hair is wearing sunglasses."

The kids couldn't get enough of the Grizzly River ride. They loved the single rider option for immediate entry and rode their favorites 4 times in a row.

They must have magical elves that garden while everyone sleeps. I've never seen any gardeners, yet the flowers are magnificent.


Sandy Michelle said...

Happy birthday Cindy! I'm glad you had a great time! I am loving all the pix!

Sandy xoxo

Saucy said...

Happy Birthday! Disney would be the most fun, magical place to celebrate with your family. I would lurrve to go there on my birthday.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Cindy!! Loved seeing the Disney photos. I am shorter than two of my kiddos...I know how you feel. Those caramel apples were so adorable!