Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Friday night I went to the magnificent Bohemian Bliss. I haven't felt well since the event, or I would have posted sooner,even missed Maija's party, so you know I've been under the weather. Sorry Maija! Thanks for the invite. I couldn't wait a minute longer to share these photos. The house above belongs to the owner's of Domestic Bliss. Included in your ticket for Friday nights event, were home tours of their two side-by-side homes. They are both listed for sale. They hope to sell the one above and move into the larger, newly renovated home next door. Before the home tour, I met up with friends, Maija, Sweet Deb, Mary,, Tricia, Michelle, Maria, Laurie and Beth. I also met Sherry who is sisters with the Sweet-As-Sugar Ruth Ann whose blog I can't get enough of. I didn't take near enough pictures. I was too busy talking. At the end of the night, Beth said "Can you believe it's almost time to close up? It went too fast.

Now on with the home tour

I only have a few photos of the new home. This black piece sits in their living room. I would be in so much trouble if I owned Domestic Bliss. The store would be empty!
This is the divine wallpaper in the laundry room of the new house. I want it!

The new kitchen.
The rest of the photos are of the older yellow cottage. You can tell by the number of photos that I took, that I'm more partial to it. I had a personal tour about five years ago. I was amazed at the changes.
Both this kitchen chandelier and the background wallpaper are new since I was here last.

Believe it or not, their washer and dryer are disguised in their den.

Another piece in their den.

Master Bath

Master Bedroom

Now onto the patio and backyard.

Don't you love this darling little playhouse entrance?

How about the secret garden?
I could just move right in. Couldn't you?


Saucy said...

Saucy's mouth is agape with shock and awe. She will reload this page again and again, examining each and every detail, committing them to memory and attempting to replicate them at her will.

Maija said...

You were missed my sweet friend!!!!

Sandy Michelle said...

Hey girl, You're so lucky to have at least been able to go to the Blissful event :) I am loving the home tour too! I could definitely move right in there without changing a thing! I'm glad you like my new art studio!

The Curious Cat said...

Love the wall paper and the sofa! Crazy!