Wednesday, May 13, 2009

My husband came home a few weeks ago with four tickets for tonight's Diamondbacks game. Little did we know that they were in the infield box in row 24. We had awesome seats! We had been on the freeway about five minutes when we heard on the radio that Air Force One would be landing in 20 minutes. The president was speaking at ASU's graduation tonight. I noted the time and after 10minutes, instructed my family to start looking for his plane. Of course, the air traffic had been cleared for his arrival, so it wasn't difficult to see the only plane in the sky. We were so excited to see it. We had a great view as were driving parallel to the airport. I couldn't believe our great timing.
The game was fun! It helps having awesome seats. Unfortunately, our team didn't win, but we still had a great "family fun" evening.
My daughter took this picture of the mascot driving around in his jeep.

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Saucy said...

Major League Baseball AND Air Force One??? Perfection.