Saturday, January 31, 2009

Seattle is such a fun town to visit. You can't visit Seattle without experiencing Pike's Place Fish Market. Pike's employees are unbelievably entertaining. This week, the school where I work, had a week-long "Fish" experience. We were all given the book to read, bowls of Beta fish were popping up everywhere. I personally painted four large fish with the phrases, Play, Make Their Day, Choose Your Attitude and Be Present on them. We ended the week with a staff breakfast and the Pike's Place video. It's been a unique work week for both me and my husband. I had to be at work one hour early two mornings for meetings. I brought food for two potlucks. One for the breakfast and the second (because we are in Phoenix and our Cardinals are going to the Super Bowl) a Super Bowl potluck. Last night, I attended our schools musical production of "Bugsy". It was wonderful seeing so many of the children that I know on stage. I can't wait to congratulate them on Monday. This is the second year that my husband, as a PGA golf professional, has had the honor of being asked to volunteer as a rules official at the FDR Phoenix Open. In his capacity, he walks with a four-some, including a celebrity or tour professional and four amateurs. Needless to say, I am quite behind with my household chores. I forgot to mention, I had two meetings in the evenings this week and Bunco. I'll be getting right to those chores as soon as I arrive back this morning from shopping for a Cardinals shirt, going to the Chandler Flea Market and getting my hair done! Have a great weekend. Go Cardinals!


Sandy Michelle said...

You are one busy girl! I was rooting for the Cardinals last night. Congrats to your man on being a rules official! I must look into the Chandler flea market for when I come down! I'm so glad we'll be able to meet soon!!!

Sand XOX

AnastasiaC said...

Hi Cindy!!!
so what did you get from the Flea must share your goodies for us to see!