Sunday, January 18, 2009

For the last two weekends, our son's high school band has been performing at Well's Fargo Events. Their first paying gigs. They have fun. There are lots of festivies including the Well's Fargo Stagecoach, free food and prizes. The fees they earn go against each student's $850-1250 winter band fees so I say bring it on. They pretty much take up our entire Saturdays though. After their event, they have to be taken back to other schools for competitions. Taylor and I have to drive him and a friend or pick them up from events anywhere in the Phoenix area. If you are familiar with Phoenix, that usually means a one-hour drive. We, therefore, have to kill 2-3 hours every week. I need to be home cleaning, organizing, etc, but it sure is fun to be out for the day shopping and going out to lunch. Yesterday we got pedicures for Taylor's straight A's. Of course Cole wasn't in on that deal so he chose a protective cover for his ITouch.

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