Sunday, January 25, 2009

I found these darling downloadable (is that a word) Bingo cards on FLICKR. I'm not sure whose blog I orignally found them on. That's a symptom of reading too many. Guilty!

I actaully played Bingo this week. My friend, Loretta, invited me to go with her and a few friends. I didn't win. Too bad Taylor couldn't come with me. That girl always wins. Boy has Bingo changed.
You need an instruction manual to keep up! Every game is different with names like small picture frame, double t's, etc. Yikes! When did that happen?
Gotta get back out to the pool. We are going to the Lion King tonight! Yeah! We are wearing dresses and are tanning our legs this afternoon. Just a little and yes, we are wearing sunscreen. I'm reading my 10th Stephanie Plum - Janet Evanovich book. She makes me laugh out loud. Probably because they are so out of character for me to be reading!


Short and Sweet said...

I'm going again Wednesday...want to come along?

Rosa said...

What memories these brought back!

Maija said...

I have never played Bingo!! It must be hilarious though.
I have to tell you I totally understand Stephanie Plum. I lived in Bucks County (PA) right across the river from Trenton. I also dated an Italian guy from the 'burg (Chambersburg- the neighborhood where her family lives.)! I know so many of the streets she's talking about. I see Sandra Bullock as Stephanie, The Rock as Ranger, and the jury's out on Morelli. What about Cloris Leechman as GRandma Mazur?