Thursday, November 15, 2007

I love my new rubbed white shelf. My daughter and I were out browsing around the annual "Granny's Attic" sale in a local retirement community this past Saturday before her birthday party. We go every year to pick out a new American Girl doll dress. Several women from their church volunteer their services by sewing these adorable doll dresses for this event. On the way out, we noticed that it was also their community garage sale. We stopped in at a few and I found this wonderful solid-wood narrow shelf, complete with crown molding for $2.00. Wasn't I lucky? I love it. It measures four feet tall by 18 inches wide. It is really heavy. We hung it with Hercules Hooks. I remembered that Jeanette had mentioned using them on her wonderful site. She is always finding the greatest sources. They were really easy to use. Both my husband and daughter asked me what color I was going to paint it. Are you kidding me? Crown molding and chippy white paint. It's perfect!

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Jeanette said...

Beautiful, Cindy! Such a great find and you've done a wonderful job hanging it. Love those Hercules Hooks.