Thursday, April 26, 2007

Is that not just the most beautifully painted pillar that you have ever seen? I'm hoping that my husband likes it too as we have an unpainted pillar in our living room. My gracious friend Tina, volunteered as a docent during the Street of Dreams held in my old subdivision in Oro Valley. She treated Carmen and I to the tour and acted as our own personal tour guide. We toured five homes and are full of inspiration. Feast your eyes on some of my favorites. I'm loving this crystal trim on the draperies. Imagine pulling up to this garage instead of the standard ones that most of us have. Gorgeous! I adore this tile separating the counters in this Country French kitchen. Hope you have enjoyed your tour. After leaving the Street of Dreams, we went out to lunch, and then went on a whirlwind shopping trip that included "Wallwords". Can't wait to get several phrases up on my walls.


HeatherJ said...

I love that pillar. I was thinking the same thing as you ... hope my husband likes it, because that would be fun to do in my house. I really like the red ceiling. That is so cool. You have a great blog!

Tucsontwin said...

You really DO have a great blog! I bet that pillar would be a lot easier to paint than your harlequin wall girl! Your house will be soooo cute no matter what you do to it.