Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Today my friend, Angie, brought me to this lovely little bakery/home decor boutique to show me their harlequin painted walls. I attempted to paint a wall in my daughter's room with pink harlequins and miserably failed. I used a lazer level, yard stick, you name it. After my husband attemped to repair the damage, he discovered that the walls in our new home are crooked. Angie had previously spoken to the owner of this shop and she said that they just constructed a stencil from poster board and traced the designs and completed the project in one day. I'm getting anxious to attempt her wall again. I'll keep you posted.


Jeanie said...

Ooo, Oo! I have an idea for ya!
We did my daughter's bathroom...okay, well, my muralist did it. In a neat harlequin pattern with cute flowers...I promise to make a post of it this week for you :) Have fun!!

AnastasiaC said...

thats a great idea! hope it works out for you!
I love harlequin/argyle print too - very sweet!

tucsontwin said...

OOH!!!! PRETTYPRETTYPRETTYPRETTY!!! I SO can picture that in her room!!! Just had a brainstorm...what if you worked in some crown molding to offset your uh...."crookedness", and to help with the wall situation too! (You know I'm kidding girl)! But maybe by running a strip by your baseboards and another one by the celing, you could balance things out a bit? Or, on the flip side...she might end up the only girl on the block with a "tilt-a world" room! Could be fun...mix it up a bit! Seriously, I know it will look beautiful and can't wait to "see" it! Keep us posted!