Wednesday, February 14, 2007

The sweetest day of all of the year is here. Happy Valentine's Day to all. We started with heart-shaped pancakes this morning. Actually the kids pounced on us this morning to wake us up and wish us Happy Valentine's Day. It couldn't get any better than that. I've been leaving my husband one conversation heart on the console of his car every morning. This morning my daughter snuck out and left a smiley faced one as well. He kissed me goodbye and came back in and said "It's a two-heart day". I told him that the second one was from his daughter. That brought a smile to his face.
I bought these beautifully covered chocolate bars from Hallmark. My family will each receive one of these as well as a few other treats.
My friend found this wonderful bakery. We each ordered these cookies for our children's Valentine parties today. I wish I could share one with you!


AnastasiaC said...

Happy Valentines Day!!!
great looking breakfast! yum!!
have a sweet day!

Hillside Garden said...

Oh, the hearts on the last photos are looking phantastic!