Sunday, October 03, 2010

I hosted my annual "Fall Bunco" this week. I made these darling little apple pies using my new Williams Sonoma pocket pie mold. I practiced last weekend. It's one thing to make a few, but to make 12 was a little time consuming. I highly recommend it. I love having everyone over. I planned Bunco around an early release day for me and after the kids had finished their finals. We are on Fall Break now. Yippy! We are leaving for a little adventure. We are going to the Ozarks, Arkansas, Kansas City, Council Bluffs, IA and Omaha.
I sugared this little house for the party. I have made several Christmas ones, but this was my first Halloween house. I'm still finding glitter on my face eight days later! It was wonderful, squeezing in a little time to create. Way too rare. I would love to find more time.

My dear friend, Angie, came to visit during Bunco. She brought me this darling crown wreath hanger from Utah.


Sandy Michelle said...

Cute decor! I need to make a Halloween house too :) Take lots of pix at Curious Sofa!

Sandy xox

Teresa said...

Adorable crown = jealous!! And those apple pies look sooo yummy. I wish I had time to make those, I know we'd love them!

It was great seeing you yesterday Cindy. Hope your trip here was a good one!