Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Hello there! This little guy, well I'm pretending it was him, greeted us all three nights that we walked the new Iowa/Nebraska Pedestrian Bridge crossing over the Missouri River. Our final destination was Council Bluffs, IA where I grew up and where my sister and several family members live. This was on my sister's list of activities for the kids. We loved it and enjoyed seeing the river. We were amazed at how many people were there.

I never go home without visiting the Old Market in Omaha. It's been my favorite spot in Omaha since I was in high school. I remember my parents taking me there and talking about how it was a produce market when they were young. They said the window boxes on top of the buildings were always filled with flowers. I remember wearing heels going to a few pubs in college and slipping on the icy cobblestone streets. Lots of memories there.

I was able to squeeze in about one hour to myself this entire trip. My dear friend, Teresa, and I met at Second Chance Antiques. I loved it. The selection and prices were amazing. I brought home a few treasures. Teresa brought me the sweetest lavendar-scented gift. I love her and she now sits on my dresser.

Taylor and I stopped in for a quick visit to my favorite florist. She had a jar of Buckeyes on display. I remember finding those as a child. They weren't for sale though.

I love this building. I worked there one summer during college.

We were on the lookout for the "O" statues. This was the only one left. Apparently the rest have been sold. Dang! We were hoping for some good photo ops.

My sister has quite the green thumb. Her fall mums are always magnificant.

She recently received this candy corn vine as a gift. I want one!

She has several bunnies that have found their home under her gazebo. Taylor thought they were so cute. My sister, not so much. They eat her plants and make a mess.

I'm crazy about my Uncle Dick and Aunt Carol. They invited us to dinner. They live in a rural area. We spotted these wild turkeys on our way.

This is the view from their kitchen window. It makes me homesick just looking at these photos.

As you get to the edge of their property, you see this view.

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