Thursday, July 22, 2010

Philadelphia to DC - Should have taken 3 hours, but took us 14
We really know how to pack it in. Because we were traveling to DC, I chose to stay on the outskirts of Philadelphia. Our first stop the next morning was Valley Forge National Park. Our troops stayed there during the Revolutionary War. We planned on staying there for one hour, but extended it to three. We drove the five-mile loop during which we saw the Washington National Chapel, George Washington's headquarters, the soldiers cabins and deer. We had to stop and check out the cannons.

The architecture of this chapel was amazing. You were asked to pray for active duty military when you entered.

Washington's headquarters. Martha lived here with him for several months as well. What a woman. I would love to learn more about both George and Martha after this trip. They were an amazing couple.
Next stop - Lancaster, Pennsylvania
I spent my birthday money on this Coach purse. I love it!
Now on to real reason we are in Lancaster - Amish Country!

Be still my heart. Being an Iowa girl, I've oftened wondered if I would have lived on a similar property had I not moved to Phoenix after college. I just feel such peace in more rural areas. I'll bet I'd go stir crazy very quickly! Who am I kidding?
I found a beautiful quilt in this shop. Sorry - no photos allowed. It was $2,200. I decided to pass on it.

I wish I had a photo of the farmhouse where we stopped to buy homemade rootbeer and lemonade. I gave up soda a few years ago, so I had the lemonade. I did have a sip of the rootbeer and I didn't care for it. I thought it tasted like actual beer.
While Taylor and I were shopping in the village, Mark and Cole were food shopping. Who would have thought? They discovered a little shop that specialized in homemade cheeses, bread, meats, etc. Mark came and found me and checked to make sure that it was okay to order us all sandwiches. Okay - it was, without a doubt, the best sandwich I have ever tasted. Everything was either homemade or homegrown. The bread, lettuce, tomatoes, pickle, mayo, sprouts, onion, meats and cheese. Our next stop was the proclaimed "yummiest canning kitchen". We brought back six jars of jam and several gifts. Anyone ever heard of strawberry curds? Cheese curds, yes, but strawberry curds? Cole discovered them, was brave enough to taste them, and encouraged me to try them. Delish!
Okay - time to hit the road again. Hershey, Pennsylvania is calling our name. Anyone tired yet? Not me, I'm an adrenaline junky. It helps on days like this.
Get ready to smell the chocolate.
We were greeted with kisses.
I could not smell the chocolate. Heavy sigh.
I'm feeling better - I can smell the chocolate now.

We walked along Twizzler edged pathways.

We took a ride through the factory.
After buying lots of chocolates, we were on to Gettysburg National Park.
We arrived after 8 at dusk. We were pleasantly surprised that it was still open.

It quickly became dark and SCARY. Mark drove us through the cemetery. Fog was billowing in and out of the white headstones. I felt like we were in a haunted graveyard and wanted to leave. The town looked darling with quaint little buildings and shops. We needed to hit the road, find some dinner, and drive to DC. We arrived at 11:30 pm. Now we're tired!

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