Friday, July 23, 2010

Our First Trip to DC. Well, not my husband's. He's has been there twice on business. He has been everywhere. But I'm slowly catching up. We were very excited to get to the Smithsonian's. We stayed in Alexandria, VA. Ironically, my husband lived there from the time that he was one until three year's old, while his father was based there with the Army. We took the train in. When we excited at the Smithsonian Exit, this is what we saw.

The magnificent Castle.

Our First Stop - The Museum of American History.
I couldn't wait to find Dorothy's Ruby Slippers.
I just read, a few days ago, that the ruby slippers are the most expensive piece of American Movie Memorabilia.

One of President Lincoln's hats. It is my understanding that there are three in existence. Three years ago, my husband and I spent our twentieth anniversary in Vermont, Cape Cod and Rhode Island. We toured the home of the President's son, Robert Todd Lincoln, in Vermont and saw a second hat there. The third is owned by a private collector.
Michelle Obama's dress. I would like to know her shoe size. It has to be a 12 or larger. There is an entire wing of First Ladie's Ball gowns. Nancy Reagan's was so tiny. Then there are wings and wings of Presidential Memorabilia. I could hardly get my husband to leave. The kids and I would keep touring around to different rooms and there he would still be. If we lived in the area, I'm sure we would visit often.

Julie Child's Kitchen. Bon Appetit! Look at all of her pans!

Next Stop - The Museum of Natural History
The Hope Diamond - Need I say more.

Cole was fascinated with their incredible dinosaur exhibits.
Taylor and I eventually left the boys and went upstairs to the live butterfly exhibit. We try to go once a year to our Botanical Gardens to see them. The butterfly exhibit had just closed for the day! We will be back to see them tomorrow. We found our boys and took another long walk. We wanted to see the Old Post Office.

The upstairs has a tower that is supposed to have an amazing view. It closed early too. It must be difficult to combine government hours and tourists. We were sitting on the steps, resting our weary feet and looking at the newer post office, when all of a sudden, police arrived from out of nowhere and closed off the street.

Sirens sounded and the street parallel to us started being closed off too. It was a little frightening and I wanted to leave. However, my much braver family members sprinted up the street where a crowd was gathering. 17 Black SUV's, a few with open windows and guns passed, and right in the middle was the Presidential car. I can't believe I was able to take a picture of it. They were speeding by.

It was, without a doubt, a very exciting way to end our first day in DC.


Short and Sweet said...

Again, Cindy, thank you for sharing such wonderful photos of your vacation. Seeing them makes me want to visit these sites even more. I can't wait for my grandchildren to be old enough to really appreciate seeing the places that gave birth to our nation, and continue to give it live and legend.

naomi said...

your photos are always so raw and organic-- really really beautiful!
I love them!!