Monday, July 26, 2010

2nd Day - As promised to Taylor, back to the Museum of Natural History to see the Butterfly Exhibit. I think they liked my hairspray or something. I must have had at least 20 land on me and Taylor only a few. Had a difficult time getting the boys away from the dinosaur exhibit again. Gotta keep moving.
Enough with the train. We were frustrated the first day because there were so many things that we wanted to see that were miles away. I convinced Mark to start driving in and because of that, we were able to see so much more. Parking was a nightmare, but well worth it. Before we went to the Butterfly Exhibit, we drove over to the Bureau of Engraving to get our tickets. Tickets are free, but there are only a limited amount distributed every morning. We also drove to pick up our Ford Theatre tickets. All of this would have been difficult without a car.

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Short and Sweet said...

Beautiful photos! What a thrill it must have been to see all the colorful flowers and butterflies! Thanks for sharing.