Friday, April 30, 2010

I'm playing alone with Sandy's "It's Friday and I'm In Love".
Here's what I love:

My Children and Husband
Listening to The Waves
Vintage Treasures
The Hunt for Vintage Treasures
My Outings With Carmen and Tina
Vacationing With My Family
The Outer Banks of North Carolina
Beach Houses
Wearing Sandals
Reading a Good Book
Finding Time for Crafts
Rare Dates With My Husband
Peonies, Lilacs and Wild Violets (none of which grow here in Arizona)
Doris Day Movies
Gone With The Wind
It's a Wonderful Life
Home Decor Boutiques
Decorating For The Holidays
Piano Music
Fleur de Lis
Red Kitchens
Black and White
Chandelier Drops
Reading My Favorite Blogs


Sandy Michelle said...

I'm with you girl but I still haven't seen those two movies you mentioned! Thanks for playing along! Happy Friday!

Sandy xox

Maija said...

I ADORE peonies!!!

Katsui Jewelry said...

I love peonies but i don't like the ants, though I bring them in the house anyway. Do ants really help open peonies or is that a myth?

I love those rare dates, too!


claudie said...

I would say you love the beach, oh so so i especially the ones in Fla.
My fav flowers are also the Peonies. They are coming up as I speak. Can't wait to cut them and bring them in.
Oh I love the candy bouquet you made, very cool.
Happy Friday love.
Love Claudie

Alisa said...

Great list! So many thing on it that I enjoy too.
Happy Friday!

Saucy said...

That's a great list... I could just go on and on, especially if I have my medication. xo