Sunday, April 04, 2010

Happy Easter!
We had fun making these darling "bird's nest" for one of our Easter desserts. I was generously given a set of the darling lavendar cupcake digital Easter toppers. I new immediately that they would work perfectly on my new "Target" cupcake stand.
This little blogging world of ours is too fun. Another blogger shared these darling kitty tags.
I attached it to a little Easter gift.
Every year, we try a new way to color eggs. The past few years have included writing on the eggs with a wax crayon before dipping into the dye, tye die eggs and last year's chalkboard paint eggs. This year, we attempted - note the word attempted - Martha's plaid method using electrical tape. Didn't work. What a mess! Please share any tried and true methods with us! I'm off to start my au gratin potatoes and then get ready for church.

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Sandy Michelle said...

I am loving those cupcakes girl! Eggs wrapped in electrical tape? Only Martha can think up such a strange idea..tee,hee!