Monday, December 08, 2008

Last weekend I went down to Oro Valley, a suberb of Tucson, for my dear friend Carolyn's surprise party that she threw for her incredible husband, John. He retired from the Army as a Lieutentant Colonel after serving our country for 22 years. I'm so proud of both of them. The party was at Tohono Chul, which is a beautiful botanical garden park just down the street from where my children attended preschool. I remember walking with them to the park on field trips. Sweet memories. John and Carolyn both spoke so eloquently. I set with close friends, ran into friends I hadn't seen for the five years since we moved back to the Phoenix area, and met a few new ones. In the town of Oro Valley, you are never a stranger. I miss it and all of my wonderful friends there. I prayed for John and his family during his tours in Afghanistan and Iraq and am so relieved that he is safely home.
After the party, I went and met with two pals, Carmen and Tina. Boy do we know how to have fun! We started at Tina's house. She and her husband had done some major remodeling and I hadn't seen it yet. She has such an incredible warm, happy, home. They converted two of their three bays of their garage into a family room. It's huge, incredible and just looks like another room in their house. What a great idea. We were celebrating birthdays. Look at the two boxes she had waiting for Carmen and I.
In case you are wondering what was in the boxes, they were clocks. We often buy things in twos for each other.
Tina gave us beautiful Thanksgiving cards. I snapped a photo of what she did with hers. I need to work on mine.
Tina's hutch is decorated so beautifully. Carmen recently went on a wonderful trip to New York with her three sisters and her Mother. She decided to surprise Tina and I with early Christmas gifts. She brought this darling charm back for each of us. Love it.
After celebrating birthdays and Christmas, we went on a prearranged trip to Mary's. Mary lives in a beautiful custom home where she and her husband design and make beautifully crafted items. I didn't know her when I lived in Oro Valley, but she is from Iowa and her husband works for Union Pacific Railroad so we always have a lot to talk about.

After shopping at Mary's, we went to John and Carolyn. Carolyn not only hosts great parties, but she is an incredible artist and decorator. I only make to her house about once a year. Her house is only five years old, but every time I'm there, she has repainted and changed some rooms around. This time, she changed 3. We had a wonderful time seeing all of her decorative changes and spending time with her family.
Last, but not least, Tina had arranged for the two of us to stop in at her Aunt and Uncles home. My husband and kids surpised me by starting a Department 56 collection for me a few Christmas's ago. Tina's Aunt and Uncle are avid collectors and have a room devoted to them. I had my own personal tour.

I was like a kid in a candy store. A few days later, her Aunt was featured in the Tucson Sunday Paper. Sadly, my day ended and I had to return home to Chandler. My tank was filled. I had a wonderful day with friends dear to my heart!

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Maija said...

What fun!!
I love your crown charm- so appropriate for you!!