Friday, June 01, 2007

Relaxing, reading a book, resting my feet on our picnic basket, watching my family fish and inhaling the scent of tall pine trees is where I have been for the past two days. We took a much needed break and stayed in an Inn in Payson. I am always reminded of the movie "A River Runs Through It" when I watch my husband fly fish. It is such a talent and boy does he have it. This is the view from my spot at the lake we spent most of my time. My chair is empty for two reasons. #1. I had to take the picture. #2. A brazen squirrel wanted in my picnic basket and chased me away. Luckily another family walked by and chased him away. I wish I could bottle the pine tree scent and the 30 degree cooler temperature. Of course I needed a prime position to keep my eye on "her". I'm just now recovering from my panicked "mom" breathing! In retrospect I wish I would have been videotaping this for "America's Funniest Home Movie". She said "Look Mom", cast her line and fell into the lake off of an "rock island" that she was on with her daddy. He pulled her out of the water immediately and she was fine. The little squirt!


AnastasiaC said...

looks like a great getaway!! relaxing fun - how frightening that your daughter fell into the lake! lucky your husband was nearby...she must have cooled off nicely though!

Maija said...

We love to go up to the Payson area as well! Last year we got a really nice pop-up camper. It's so great to get out of the Phoenix heat to relax in the forrest.
Thank you for your kind comments on my blog!