Monday, June 18, 2007

Monkey See - Monkey Do. I had a few giggles thinking up a title to this post. We had never taken our kids to the San Diego Zoo. Sea World and Legoland always won. We decided to spend one afternoon there primarily to see these beauties. There were two of them - both sleeping but fully in our view. They were spectacular to see. We had to be very quiet walking by them. I believe there are only two zoos in the country that have them. Washington DC and San Diego. I was so intriqued by this incredible species. We worship at all mighty God. Imagine coming up with the ideas for all of our creatures. Of course I still think these were the two cutest monkies in the zoo.

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tucsontwin said...

I'm still giggling at the shot you captured of the kids in their masks! Super fun to zoom up on them! So would you go back to the zoo for a repeat visit? Were the kids happy to spend part of there vacation time there? Looks like it was a beautiful day too! Fun!