Sunday, June 17, 2007

I met up with Helle, Michelle and Michelle's mother and daughter on Coronado this week. What a blast that was. Helle took us to her favorite store on the island, The Attic, which unfortunately just closed. She persuaded the owner to open it up for us on Tuesday for a private sale. Wow, was that ever fun. Look at those scrummy candle sticks. We all found some wonderful things. Here's Helle, myself and Taylor outside in the Del in front of the beautiful white sandy beach. It's so wonderful being around Helle. She's always laughing. Gotta love that in a person! Lucky me. I get to see Helle and Michelle at Sparkle Bella this week. Can't wait.


Vicki C said...

No way... it' that Michelle and Helle!! I love them to pieces! I bet you guys had a blast together!
Thanks for stopping by my blog! Vicki

Helle Greer said...

I'm just going throug you blog, and here we are. What a fun day we had, and your kids were so sweet tagging along to all the stores.
Come back soon.