Saturday, October 07, 2006

I've made so many friends through the world of scrapbooking. One of my friends that I am so thankful for is my friend, Teresa. I remember exactly how I came to meet her. It was about 4-5 years ago, we were living in Tucson and getting ready to go back to the Omaha area to visit my family. I decided to look in the directory of one of my scrapbook magazines to see if there were any new scrapbook stores in Omaha. I remember reading the name Foof-a-la, calling them and asking "What is Foof-a-la? Are you a store or a product line?" The answer was "both". I visited the store and talk about a rush. There was eye candy and inspiration everywhere! In walked Teresa and she was so unbelievably kind. When she heard that I was visiting from Arizona, she quickly put together a make and take for my sister and I. We've kept in touch ever since. Her latest act of kindness was to surprise me with a few of Karen Russell's new goodies after hearing me say how much I loved her new narratives line. How blessed am I?? Thanks Teresa!

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