Friday, October 27, 2006

Here in Phoenix, we really don't get much of a fall. We are excited about fall because the temperature usually doesn't reach 100. Recently a local newspaper reporter suggested that unlike New England where they only have to open their windows to experience fall colors, we Phoenicians should really decorate our homes to reflect the fall season. However, upon my recent trip to New England, I noticed that every little store, boutique or restaurant had the most wonderful fall displays even though they had the natural beauty of the season.
This beautiful lifesize cornucopia was outside of the Orvis store in Manchester, Vermont.
It was difficult to find a
restaurant to stop and have
lunch while driving through
rural Vermont. We happened
upon this little cafe that
served organic food and sold
fresh produce. I would have
loved to have brought home one
of these urns.
After hearing so much about the
Vermont Country Store, we made
a quick stop there and were not
disappointed. There were items
from yesteryear everywhere.


AnastasiaC said...

sounds like a wonderful day! great pictures.

Rosa said...

Love that life-size cornucopia! How fun!! That is too cool!! xo

Rosa said...

You're doing well with the pics!! You must center the first one right? Just copy and move it wherever. It should stay centered!