Sunday, January 01, 2012

Last week I received an email from one of my favorite estate sale companies, Arizona Estate Liquidators, that included photos for their upcoming sale. I was very excited to see this outdoor barbecue/kitchen listed. I showed it to my husband and he said he would love to have it. Well . . . these sales are very popular. I contacted the company and she gave me suggestions that included arriving two hours early. My husband gladly waited. He arrived two hours early. He was all ready the fourth person in line, but HE GOT IT. We are beyond thrilled. It is brand new and was priced at least $1,000 under value. We really needed/wanted this. We are trying to spruce up our back yard for our son's high school graduation party. Yeah! It looks like it is wooden, but it is a faux finish on metal.


Sandy Michelle said...

That's a great score! Happy New Year my friend!!

Sandy xox

Adie Andrews said...
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Adie Andrews said...

Its all about love isn't it :) I love your photos and that huge phrase "Love" which made my day for sure
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