Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas - 2011 - Recap
Wow! What a blur. I can't believe it is over all ready, my favorite holiday. I did so much baking this year. I tried the white chocolates dipped Oreos with crushed peppermint. Definitely, a girl's cookie, pretty, but why mess with an Oreo, they are so great on their own. They were for our neighborhood cookie exchange. Next up, my husband asked me to bake and decorate 32 cookies for his junior golf clinic. 16 Tuesday and 16 Wednesday. It took two batches of sugar cookie dough. It was a 3-night process after work. I also individually bagged them in cookie bags and tied them with ribbon. Then on to our favorites, 3 batches of peanut brittle, 2 batches of chocolate balls, my Grandmother's Snickerdoodles and my Sister's butternut balls. We also made ten candy sleighs for Taylor's Christmas Caroling Party. Taylor and I wrapped beautiful presents for each other, we went and looked at Christmas lights, we celebrated Grandma's birthday at Aunt Janets. Mark's beautiful cousin, Patrice, came for seven days. We love her and love spending time with her! Santa left money for Cole and a new IPOD Touch for Taylor. Mounds of gifts were under the tree. I got a Kindle Fire and love it! Mark got a stereo system for our TV. The kids gave each other clothes for Christmas and I we enjoying a relaxing Christmas morning and had a nice breakfast at the dining room table. We went to Taylor's Winter Dance Recital. Taylor and I went to the NCL Christmas Tea.

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Sandy Michelle said...

Yikes that's a lot of baking! I can't believe how fast Christmas flew by! It sure is busy when you have birthdays and lots of baking to go along with it. I got a kobo vox- which I believe is the same as the kindle. Anyway, all the best to you in the New Year!!

Sandy xox