Monday, July 07, 2008

We just took a little vacation to Pagosa Springs, Colorado. My inlaws rented a house for the month of July and invited us up to take a reprieve from the heat. We Arizonans love to escape to the mountains or the ocean. Hopefully we will make it to the ocean before long. One of the highlights of Pagosa Springs is . . . their hot springs. We girls spent Sunday morning relaxing in several of their 18 pools of mineral hot spring water. They named each of their pools. Two of my favorites were Tranquility and Clouds in my Coffee. I was the only one in our group to brave the many steps and the high temperature of Clouds in My Coffee. There are 18 healing minerals in the springs. I must warn you of the aroma. If you look up the ancient meaning of Pagosa, it means "smelly water".
Needless to say, we took showers before we headed back home.
While we were spa-ing and shopping, the boys were fly fishing. My boy caught this beautiful 17-inch rainbow trout. Grandpa said my husband was just as excited as my son. A photographer took his photo for the town's website.
We had this beautiful sight every morning from our deck. If I hadn't all ready taken a balloon ride, I would have joined them.

My father-in-law convinced/coaxed/prodded (woke us up early) our group to arrive an hour before the 4th of July parade to ensure front row seats. This little guy was one of our favorite contestants.
They have a charming downtown. We met a business owner that invited us to watch the fireworks from his balcony. We took him up on it and along with about 50 others, had a wonderful view of the town's spectacular fireworks show.


Maija said...

I'll bet that trout smelled better than you girls- sulfer springs aren't they?

Sandy said...

Looks like fun! I was in Colorado Springs 2 years ago and I loved it!

Sandy XOX

Saucy said...

About Wicked... it's very cool but I'm not sure The Warden or Veto were completely taken with it. Not overly romantic, but familiarity with the Wizard of Oz story helps so much, most guys don't have that.

I've seen it twice and I really think it's a GNO (girls night out, to quote Miley Cyrus). Send the boys to a sports bar or a steak house. Get all gussied up and have drinks after - you'll have lots to talk about! Good luck!

AnastasiaC said...

thats one awesome fish!! well done to your boy - he's grown up so much since the last photos I saw of him!!

Tricia Samsal said...

Small world, Cindy. I have a cousin that lives in Pagosa Springs! It is a really beautiful place. Great that you got to go.
Tricia S.