Monday, May 26, 2008

Fourteen years ago, I received the greatest birthday gift anyone could ever imagine. I certainly couldn't. God is good. He most certainly is. After seven years of waiting for a baby, He blessed me this guy, who used to be a little guy, the day before my birthday. What a gift. He always will be my best gift ever. Grandpa snapped this photo of him last week before his semi formal eighth grade dance. We were all so excited when he came down looking oh so handsome. We didn't even notice that his hair was still wet. I wish we could go back and take more photos. I still love it though. It captures him. "He" has had quite a week. First, his dance. And it was his first dance. Then after four weeks of tryouts, he scored a spot on his new high school drumline team. Football games, here we come. Then, after receiving his first B+ ever on his progress report, he brought it back up to an A finishing off the year with his usual straight A's. We still have 8th grade graduation this week. He makes a mama proud. Happy Birthday to us. We've had a fun weekend celebrating with family. Last night, the four of us play Scattagories. I forgot how much fun that game was. Today, we are having a WII tournament. Family fun reigns.


Maija said...

Enjoy this time together!!
Happy Birthday!!

Sue said...

How sweet. I'm so glad you're blogging again. See you soon.