Friday, March 14, 2008

Is this Africa? No - it's Chandler! I had heard about an animal psychologist that lived near us that often had exotic animals on her ranch. My friend's daughter recently went to see the animals and reminded me. We decided to drive by yesterday and out of the corner of my eye, I spotted a camel. We decided to explore and check it out today. We saw 2 camels, 2 zebras, 2 giraffes, a few donkies and several Clydesdales. At first I thought there was a Noah's Ark theme going on.

The caretaker drove over in his golf cart and told us that it was okay to look visit the animals from the road, but not to get close to them at the fence. He warned us that zebras were mean. Then he mentioned that the giraffes love peppermint alfalfa treats. That's all I needed to hear. I sweet-talked him into getting us some treats to feed them. Poor guy. One minute, he was politely asking us to observe from afar and the next he's getting back in his golf cart bringing us some treats.
This is Bonnie. Her friend is Clyde. I can't believe this is five minutes away from my house. We live in a rural section of town. I love living in rural areas, yet close to cities. Bye Bonnie. See you next time!


Scrappy Jessi said...

how cool!!!
it looks like clyde is taking a bow. (sp) cute.
we lived in chandler for a while, never near these beauties!

Beth said...

Oh wow -- I didn't realize you live in Chandler! I live in Ahwatukee. If you don't mind, could you e-mail me the cross streets where this is? I'd love to drive by with the kids. It's looks like it's out near where my friends live.

Maija said...

What an incredible find, practically in your backyard!
Who is Beth in Ahwatukee? She's in my neck of the woods!

Anonymous said...

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Edited: Hi Beth: I couldn't find your email address. The cross streets are Val Vista, south of Riggs Road.

Beth said...

Excellent, thank you! That's not far at all. My kids will flip. They're off school tomorrow, so we'll drive by and see what we can see.

Sorry my e-mail didn't show up -- I thought signing in through Google would make it work. For future reference, it's aliviclo at gmail.

I don't know how I found your blog, but I've been enjoying it for quite a while. And hi, maija! Small internet, huh? :-)