Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas! I was so moved when I found this Christmas card that my wonderful Father sent to his parents during World War II. I was looking for something in my Grandmother's scrapbook and found this in an envelope. My Dad was 17 years old during the last year of the war. His parents gave him permission to join the war. There was such a tremendous feeling of patriotism then. Still, I can't even imagine. He was their only son, a star baseball player, super brain that had planned to move to California to live with his Aunt and Uncle to attend college. They had no children of their own and wanted to put my Dad through college. My Dad's life reminds me of George in my favorite movie, It's A Wonderful Life. My Dad did not get to go away to college when he returned. His Father had an accident and my Dad became the sole provider. He had no regrets, was an eternal optimist and also lived a wonderful life. I miss you Dad!

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